About BWSA



The Black Women’s Studies Association is a professional organization dedicated to scholars engaged in research about black women.* This organization is for scholars at all stages of their careers, whether they be undergraduate students, graduate students, independent scholars, adjunct professors, postdoctoral fellows, professors, and scholars with alternative academic careers. The BWSA is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary organization that welcomes various methodological approaches to studying black women’s experiences, histories, politics, literature, and more. The Association is committed to diasporic and intersectional analyses of black women and the conditions related to black women. We are invested in providing professional development and mentorship opportunities to junior scholars. The BWSA is committed to promoting scholar-activism and offering accessible points of engagement in the field of black women’s studies beyond the traditional boundaries of academia.

*The BWSA is an inclusive, anti-oppressive space that welcomes scholarly contributions about black transwomen, non-binary people, queer women, and cis-gendered women.